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Who’s fun fact is this?

I have an intense fear of dried fruit. [Ela or Maddie]

I can tell exactly how long two minutes is without checking a clock. [Ela or Maddie]

I almost lost my eyeball to a stick. [Ela or Maddie]

I starred in a 4 minute YouTube video where I critiqued Avatar, while dressed as an avatar. [Ela or Maddie]

I am the owner of the world's oldest Oregon newt named Sally. [Ela or Maddie]

I took a careers test that told me to be a magician. [Ela or Maddie]

I can make 5 spoons stick to my face. [Ela or Maddie]

I can speak Korean. [Ela or Maddie]



john st. Watermelon Eating Competition Winners

ADCC Gold, Merit

Future Lions Shortlist

Clio Gold, Bronze

One Show ADC Finalist

NYF Gold, Silver, Finalist

Marketing Awards Gold, Silver

Crystals Gold

Graphis Gold x2

Applied Arts - Young Blood, Design, Radio

Communication Arts x2

Summit Creative Awards Gold x2

Creativity International Gold

Creative Conscience Shortlist x2

Young Glory 3rd Place Internationally (two years in a row), Gold, Silver, 3x Bronze, 8x Finalist

Cirque Du Soleil Pitch Win 



john st. (CW and AD, 2017) 

DDB Berlin (Interns, 2016) 

Cossette Communications (Interns, 2016) 



Creative Advertising Diploma (Miami Ad School Toronto, 2016-2018)